Client and Member Testimonials

"After 25 years of leading successful businesses I found myself in a rut which I was struggling to find my way out of.

Soon after meeting Leigh I re-found my spark of enthusiasm and belief, within three months my income had climbed more than 100% and my personal fulfilment rose immeasurably.

Leigh pushes me and inspires me in a way that is totally infectious. I treasure my discoveries and learnings and relish in the new bigger version of me that is unfolding each month.

Thanks Leigh, I recommend you without hesitation, especially to people who have a burning desire to make a real difference in the world."

International Artist and Entrepreneur (BRW Fastest 100 List for 3-years) – Sydney

"I employed the coaching services of Leigh Eggins after receiving a referral from a supplier to my businesses. Little did I know the impact this would have, not only on my businesses but also on me personally.

The idea of having a leadership coach hadn't crossed my mind in the past, but now, with an unknown road ahead, and wanting to re-evaluate my priorities, I wondered why I hadn't looked for this type of support in the past.

Within three months of working with Leigh we decreased my weekly working hours from 55 hours a week to 35 hours (20 hours less a week!) which improved my work/life balance significantly, while achieving new levels of flow within our businesses.

I’ve found his regular contact invaluable to keep me accountable for my goals and he helps me see that there are always new possibilities.

I highly recommend Leigh to anyone who is ready to take their business and personal growth to the next level, even if you don't think you're ready, you will be pleasantly surprised with what can be achieved."


CEO, The Leather Doctor (100+ Franchisees) – Gold Coast

"Before working with Leigh I didn’t realise that some of my childhood beliefs were still limiting my life experience and success, after all I started reprogramming in the early 70’s and live a very successful life in Byron Bay, so thought I had completed the task!

When I met Leigh through our love of helicopters I thought this guy may know something that I don’t.

What I learned is that Leigh is quite masterful at asking empowering questions, identifying limiting beliefs and holding me accountable to what serves me best.

Leigh obviously cares about his clients very personally. He walks the talk and keeps up his own training and mentoring to ensure he is at his best for his clients at all times.

If you get the opportunity to work with Leigh then don’t hesitate, he can help transform your life, your success, your health and your relationships."


Founder, Tareeda Group

Chairman, Northern Rivers Community Foundation - Byron Bay

"I have been working with Leigh for over 12 months now, and he has built a fantastic community of like-minded business owners. His approach continues to change my perspective on business and life. When we first met, I was working 60 + hours a week, stressed and rundown. 12 months on, my workload is under control, stress levels are way down and we still continue to grow team and revenues."



Director, Aerion Technologies - Melbourne

"Going great mate. Been meditating each morning, and living a very grateful life. I'm starting work at 8am and finishing at 3pm, so I can exercise and spend time with the kids. I'm delegating everything that's not in my skill set and the team is showing appreciation for it. So I can say, it's 10's all round. Thanks for everything Leigh, I really, really appreciate everything you have taught me."



Director, Grolife Landscape Management - Brisbane

Shayne Christie


"All in all there has been a giant shift, thanks to your amazing work!"




Director, Sign Division - Gold Coast

Rod Anderson

"A business friend of mine said I should meet Leigh Eggins. He gave me no reason, just meet him. So after an hour long coffee I decided to work with Leigh. In the time I've worked with him I have learnt a lot about awareness of what goes on around me.

With his help I sold my $220,000 boat overnight and refocused my way of thinking for the better.

I have always been successful in my personal and business life and my time with Leigh is making what I thought could not get any better go to another level. Leigh has a natural talent and I highly recommend him."


Director, Rod’s Kitchens (40 year old business) - Brisbane

"Leigh Eggins, the powerhouse clarity and confidence creator. Our session this morning was wildly impressive. The results you achieve with clients speak for themselves.

Anyone who TAKES ACTION and becomes a part of M Business Club, will be in for a real treat and an exceptional adventure towards their next business milestone and beyond."



Founder and Well-Being Coach, Academy of NOW - Gold Coast

John Sandford

"Leigh, I thank you very much for what you’ve done so far. I’ve hugely enjoyed the work we’ve done together which has been enormously beneficial. 

I hadn’t previously understood the benefits of having someone like you coaching me.

Your guidance has given me much deeper understanding through enhanced clarity and perspective.You’ve helped me create much greater things than I would have on my own.

Again thank you."


Former Chairman and Current Board Member of the New Zealand Institute of Management - Auckland

"I recently employed Leigh Eggins to do a one hour keynote speech for our Franchisee of the year celebration.

The audience found Leigh's content to be extremely professional and motivational, but most of all very RELATE-ABLE and HELPFUL. They were excited to go away and utilize their new found knowledge and strategies that Leigh shared with them.

I do not hesitate recommending Leigh to be a main speaker at your event if you have 10 people or 1000 people. If you want a professional speaker who will leave an everlasting impression he is your man!"


Director, TV Magic - Gold Coast

"Thank you Leigh. Our business was taking me 80+ hours a week to run and manage and was far from automated.

Since working with you I’m now working a maximum of only 35 hours a week, enjoying much more of my life with my family and we are at least 12 months ahead of our goals to grow and automate our business. You’re a champion and I’m looking forward to what’s ahead."


Director, Arrow Logistics - Toowoomba

"12 months ago I started coaching with Leigh. It was off the back of a very difficult period for me and my business. I was overwhelmed, struggling, lacking focus and was just keeping it all together.

With Leigh's assistance my business has MORE THAN DOUBLED, I’m working less, profits are up over 260%, I've regained my confidence, have clear plans, significantly stepped up, am having much more fun doing what I set out to accomplish for my clients, team and self, and am looking forward to an even greater future of business and personal development.

I appreciate the time and effort Leigh has taken to provide insight and guidance in my journey to date and I highly recommend his assistance. If you have the opportunity, allow Leigh to assist you with your plans, you will gain much more than you can imagine."


Director, REDBEAR IT - Melbourne

From Members' Partners

Received by email -

Testimonial Avatar

Good afternoon Leigh

Thank you for your recent assessment of our business. I read with interest regarding how you are serving and supporting Ian.

I enjoyed reading the testimonials too. This snippet of information really shows you acknowledge there is more to your clients than their business presented to you. It's refreshing you are able to take ownership of your coaching and approach it holistically.

Also thank you for making the time to meet with us last weekend. It sounds so cliché but I really had heard so much about you! Until last weekend you had been somewhat of an enigma as your guidance is more than noticeable (in a very positive way) yet as Ian's wife and co-business owner I was wondering where Ian's fresh motivation was coming from, how our business is developing and how new systems are falling into place in work and at home.

It was very important to Ian that I meet you as he has spent so much time with you. It was important to me too as we both see you as an integral cog in our wheel (pardon the transport pun!!).

You continue to give Ian confidence to implement change and a new level of communication, and, like I said not only in the business setting but in our family life. A balance is emerging and we all benefit from that.

We all look forward to our next trip to Byron Bay and surrounds. It truly is a beautiful spot. I know the kids cannot wait to jump into that freezing cold water again....brrrr!!

With thanks,


Received by text -

Testimonial Avatar

Hi Leigh, I've been meaning to message you all week. I just wanted to send you my gratitude for such an enjoyable weekend.

I also wanted to personally thank you for all the wonderful tools, learnings and support you have given Nige. I am truly grateful. X Dar


Google Reviews -

Testimonial Avatar

Due to Leigh’s impartment of knowledge, the business has pivoted to new heights of success.

Thank you Leigh for for your next level insights on helping us become awesome leaders :heart:



Testimonial Avatar

I have been apart of  M Business Club with my husband for 8 months now, I have learnt more in these 8 months than I have learnt in the last 20 years. Leigh is a legend and is so full of knowledge.


From Futurist and International Speaker

Craig Rispin

"Leigh Eggins runs one of the best entrepreneurial business owners groups in the world: M Business Club.

I have had the pleasure of being involved as a speaker for one of his in-person events and several online sessions. M Business Club has an energy unlike any other group that I have spoken to anywhere in the world.

The Members are outstanding individuals, many of them with incredible unsung success and love serving one another. Leigh has transformed the Member's lives through his coaching - I know, they tell me so!

If you're looking to have more time, while being even more successful - you owe it to yourself to find out more."

Member Q&A

Q: How are you winning since joining the Club?

A: I’m enjoying exposure to like minded people with similar problems, challenges and aspirations.

There are so many personal and business growth areas. It is not a quick fix but a steady progression of learning and applying the systems Leigh and the other business owners recommend.

I quickly learned there are no hidden agendas, a group of genuine business owners at different stages of their own journey. This has been a personal growth journey as well looking at how I manage myself, my family and my business.

Hamish - Melbourne


A: I’ve been able to take comfort in the connections with people, the other Members in the group. I’ve often found myself in a challenge and thinking “who can I chat to in the Club about this?”.

We all have these different layers of personality, having all done different things.

Dion - Bundaberg


A: The biggest thing about being in the Club is the people. These people are your tribe. It’s not everyday that you run across people who relate to your story. They just get it because they’ve all done it.

At some point they’ve walked in your shoes whether it’s smashing goals or taking a nosedive, they’ve all been there so there’s an instant connection.

Jody - Perth


A: Creating beliefs that I do deserve the success. What I was doing before was getting me exactly where I already was! Now, having the ability to spend time engaged with people who are successful and raise my circle of influence.

Brett - Melbourne


A: Leigh has been great at helping me reduce hours and regain focus, direction and intent with where I want my life and business to be. I’ve been able to take the full leap and step right away from the business.

The ability to visualise and give myself goals and a believability of where I want to be personally. All of the inner work has been a big thing for me - visualisation and meditation.

Dean – Gold Coast


A: I’m very proactive with my time and value and control it more now than before - rather than reacting. I plan a lot and am very careful with who and how I spend my time.

Another thing Leigh helped me with is identifying how our upbringing heavily influences our behaviours. Bringing awareness around perceived negative traits and how they can be changed to improve our reality.

Ian - Toowoomba


A: There’s lots of things, with many like minded people and great speakers etc, but where I have found the greatest value is the spiritual side and internal work we do.

Staying above the line - Implementing everything we did at the 7 Day Retreat in Bali.

I’ve learned about doing the daily work, meditation, affirmations and having faith in what will be. I now focus on the feeling of my goals and aspirations and allow the universe to deliver, rather than being too specific in the detail.

Nik - Sydney


A: I'm winning in time and also health - I'm almost stress free.

Alistair - Brisbane 


A: Reduced stress and workload, a more positive outlook on life. Overall feeling uplifted.

Michael - Sydney


A: The big one for me is that I’ve doubled the business. I’ve also had some awesome experiences, ticking things off my bucket list - lots of cool sh*t!

Shane - Gold Coast


A: By learning from others, mostly the reinforcement of consistency. Also learning more about how to better communicate with other people for winning outcomes.

Stephen - Sydney


A: It’s the consistency of refocusing each week and keeping on track with goals. Since working with Leigh there has been major growth and changes within Lifecorp, and Leigh has assisted me to maximise on all the opportunities.

Faye - Brisbane


A: I am thinking about things more. It’s forcing me to think about things other than business. But also think about business in a different way. I’m thinking about things in a way that I was when I first started business - when you first start, your appetite for risk and taking chances is much higher.

As you get older, you become more reserved. But since joining the Club, my appetite for risk has increased again. We’re also having some internal discussions about the future of the company and the whole team is coming up with creative ideas, which is not something we’ve done previously.

Andrew - Melbourne


A: I’m very strict on what gets done on which day. It’s all what I want to do - I’m extremely focused and have more clarity. I have very large audacious goals and I hire great people who work with me to form part of those goals. All part of my goal to build a billion dollar business in the next 10 years. I’m a 50yr old with a 25yr old energy.

I had kids early on and that has worked to my advantage where I’m still young but my kids don’t need me to do things for them. If we spend time together it’s because we want to {they both actually work in the business as well}.

I’ve learned to think bigger than what I might have done initially. Meeting Craig Rispin through the Club introduced us to think broader terms of technology and as a result we developed D.A.R.E.S.{digital, automated, recurring, evergreen ,scalable}.

Since implementing that 18 months ago, we are about 80% there with automation. Now we embrace AI instead of being scared of it. I have created more time by making the hours much more valuable within.

Tony - Melbourne


A: For me the meditation has been unbelievably a win. I go on about it to everybody. It’s such an easy fix to such a wide range of issues. For me being a corporate business minded person, I was thinking it was for people with hairy armpits 😂

In the beginning I believed I didn't have time to meditate - not even 3 minutes a day. It’s such a mindset shift, now I meditate 25 minutes a day - it’s so simple and so effective. It’s gobsmacking to me that even just 5 minutes a day can create so much fresh air - it stops the mouse wheel.

Susanne - Gold Coast


A: I have come to realise if I don’t meditate, my week in revenue will not be very good. If I meditate and focus on manifesting the life that I want, I will have a very good week.

If I just stay on it and be consistent with it, I know I'll get the results, because I’ve experienced it. I use a guided meditation to visualise myself in the future. Also the understanding of Quantum Mechanics has been huge.

Dendra - Brisbane


A: It’s definitely made a big difference - although I moved forwards last year but then went backwards. I’m trying to maintain focus - as I get busy then it gets hard. I’m meditating but not as consistently as I’d like - I always feel better when I’m meditating regularly.

Tony - Forster

Q: What have you achieved in your business or life that happened because of the assistance of Leigh and/or the Club?

A: I was averaging 82hrs a week, now it's 34hrs a week. I'm a lot healthier in the brain, more clarity, making decisions easily, freed up stuff that I didn’t know was there, liberated energy, as well as a healthier body.

Alistair - Brisbane


A: My business is now highly automated. I vastly reduced my working hours - down from 70hrs to 25-30hrs per week.

Michael - Sydney


A: The biggest thing so far would be working out my work/life balance through the LEEDAA priority management system - that’s made a huge difference to my life.

Tony - Forster


A: The intention was to create extra time while still achieving the same levels of productivity. Then this changed to looking at the story I am writing for my future.

Seeing and feeling the things I want and focusing on the possibilities. Then having access to other professionals who support new initiatives and create opportunities. Certainly not what I expected when I first joined the Club.

Hamish - Melbourne


A: In the early stages when I first joined the Club, the goal was to be working less hours and have the freedom to do what I like doing.

So that’s been the biggest thing, not working as much, spending more time with family, friends and my passion - and at the same time having the business continue to grow.

Nik - Sydney


A: The biggest thing going from the start to where I am today is removing myself from the business. Being specific on what roles were needed within the business and systematically removing the hats one by one. Freeing yourself is a challenge but critical.

Dean – Gold Coast


A: Getting Heart & Soul to where it is now. It’s been a pipe dream for about 3 years and I never would have realised how much was being achieved day to day without the check in with Leigh.

When you're the leader of your organisation, there’s not often someone to check in with. The Club keeps us accountable and in a way that I don't need hold back because there is no emotional involvement.

Dion - Bundaberg


A: A greater sense of wellbeing that we’re not alone - as a business owner it can be a lonely place, it’s great to be able to share with other business owners that understand the business environment.

Stephen - Sydney


A: The goal setting, to be really defined with what I want to achieve and in what time frames. The time management has been a real game changer for me. It allows me to be really focused on whatever part of my life I’m dealing with.

Faye - Brisbane


A: My life has been enriched in many aspects and areas through being a part of the Club. There’s been a compound effect of the insights Leigh gives us and the connections with Members.

Jody - Perth


A: I’ve gained clarity about where I want to be and how to get there. A lot of the fog has cleared which is nice.

Brett - Melbourne


A: The resources have been really, really good. The recommendations from Leigh, that I’ve then actually gone and implemented have always delivered results.

For example: ramping up Testimonials - adding in that procedure has created more authority for me in my industry and it has gained traction. There is a real connection between who I am and what I do - and I’m even getting referrals now.

Dendra - Brisbane


A: More mental peace. I just had a ‘to-do’ list that was forever running in my brain, I never took time for me - I just had this ‘to-do’ list. Now I feel I’m living more of a well rounded world or existence. I like to feel productive but it’s not the constant mouse wheel that is was before.

Leigh asked me to think about what I want and visualise that, and just by doing that simple thing you start to move towards it by making different decisions. It’s allowed me to prioritise better. It makes me feel like I’m moving towards something rather than just doing stuff.

Susanne - Gold Coast


A: Lots of changes from implementing the meditation, with regards to managing internal presence and calm - very subtle but very powerful effect. I feel like I've upgraded my brain and coherency. I’ve noticed increased performance on an intellectual and emotional scale.

I’m able to think clearer, come to decisions quicker, feel my way through stuff more accurately - a bit like being on a natural high all the time.

Shane - Gold Coast


A: Leigh has really shown me a different way of looking at things - meditation is the biggest one at this point and what has got me through, especially recently.

Michael - Sydney


A: I have an elite sports background and know about being disciplined to do what you need to do to get to the end goal. But I used to be all over the place with my thoughts.

Now, the first 4 hours of the day are all about me - breath-work, exercise, meditation and study. All of that structure, clarity and focus has stemmed from Leigh.

Tony - Melbourne


A: I’ve got more of a focus on my overall well being. My health has always been pretty good but it has improved because I’m thinking about it more and being more creative health wise.

Andrew - Melbourne

Member Results