M Business Club was Founded by Leigh Eggins and 7 Founding Members in 2015 to provide Members with the connections, resources and experiences to support them in working less, earning more, and enjoying their lives even more.

Some Members have been working with Leigh since 2013, originally as business coaching clients of his Business Leadership and Success Coaching company - ENHANCED.

Leigh is semi-retired having over 27 years experience in business. From owning and managing his first business with three employees through to businesses achieving multi-million dollar revenues, he has also invested in multiple start-ups, and raised millions of dollars in capital for growing companies.

He's worked with and been trained by some of the best leadership coaches and trainers on the planet, has studied and applied many performance improving modalities, lead thousands of coaching sessions, facilitated hundreds of masterminds, and trained and assisted hundreds of leaders across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

Combining his passion, skills and rich life experience he created M Business Club to specialise in assisting accomplished business owners, entrepreneurs and founders to discover an enhanced, more enjoyable experience of life and business.

His life’s work is encapsulated in The Ultimate Freedom Formula, an advanced optimisation system for business and beyond, supporting business owners to work less, earn more, and enjoy their life a whole lot more.

In addition to his professional pursuits, he loves surfing, spending time in nature, chatting about all things expansive, and studying the most effective methods known for optimising the human experience.

In essence, through the Club, Leigh assists great people to fulfil their deepest desires, just as he has been fortunate to fulfil many of his own. Read more about Leigh

Membership is not for:

  • Employees who have non-commercialised ideas
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs who are immoral
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs who aren't ready to make new decisions and take new actions

Membership is for:

  • Entrepreneurs, business owners and CEO’s who are willing to invest time and effort in personal and professional development
  • Business leaders who are ambitious and want to create a bigger impact
  • Business leaders who are ready for extraordinary improvements in their personal fulfilment and business success

Club benefits - Members enjoy connection, education and inspiration through our regular online Zoom Sessions, and come together in person for our highly regarded Long Weekend Special Events and 7-Day Retreats, where they learn innovative strategies from best in class international level speakers, mastermind their lives and businesses with like-minded leaders, be inspired with new possibilities, and enjoy adventurous and fun experiences. Lots of collaboration.

Coaching benefits - Improve your focus, how you feel, and your performance. Exposure of Blind Spots. You don’t know what you don’t know, and we ensure that by the end of a session you do. Breakthroughs happen here and in ways that you can’t possibly imagine, as most of what we discover is off your radar.

You can expect:

  • Your network to improve significantly
  • Lots of collaboration
  • Increased revenue and profits (in some cases by 500% or greater)
  • Access to leading experts in their fields
  • Investment insights reserved for High Net Worth individuals
  • Expanded knowledge of the trends affecting the future of your company and industry
  • Time freedom - reduce work hours by between 10 and 50 hours a week, creating more time to do  things you love and spend with the people you love (without doing a time management course)
  • A healthier body and mind
  • Improved relationships at home
  • A level of personal fulfilment you may not actually be able to imagine right now

Importantly you’ll experience more enjoyment of your already successful life, doing more of the things you really love, individually, and with the people that are important to you.

We will introduce you to a group of extraordinary entrepreneurs to mastermind with, form new friendships and alliances with, and expose you to proven, world leading life and business success habits and strategies.

We will assist you with prioritising more time for enjoying your life, which will cumulatively result in you making life and business decisions which support you in deeper fulfilment and greater success.

See Member Testimonials

The Membership and strategies taught are based on the latest research, and are designed to (and proven to) give you much more time than you have right now. In an extreme example, Leigh and the Club have helped a leader save 50 working hours a week while 5 X'ing their company revenue and improving their profit percentage.

Leigh has utilised his proprietary system to save business owners and entrepreneurs many thousands of hours, while increasing their productivity and profitability significantly. You'll have much more time to do the things you've been putting off until one day/someday.

Time for you to enjoy more of your life, supported by Leigh's studying and applying many methods and modalities, leading thousands of coaching sessions, and training hundreds of people across Australia and New Zealand.

Leigh has developed a proprietary system that works for all business leaders who are committed to improving their experience of life and business.

In short, with commitment you will have much more time, balance, real success and enjoyment, than you have right now.

From building tunnels under cities, to providing cloud computing for multi-nationals, to fitting out billion-dollar shopping centres, to others much less illustrious.

There are some whose businesses generate revenues in the 10’s of millions, a couple in the 100’s, and many below this and in between.

Although revenue is not as important as bottom line, higher revenue businesses generally operate under higher pressures and governance, and so achieving balance and greater success at these levels can be difficult.

Upon being admitted as a Member you will gain access to our private Facebook group, and our 'Black Book' or Member Directory in the Member Portal of this website, which includes all Members details, business names, websites and direct contact details.

Some Members have been in the Club since its inception in 2015, and have been coached by Leigh since 2013.

Industries include:

  • Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Sustainable Housing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Leather & Furniture Care
  • Property Development
  • Logistics
  • Water Enhancement
  • Franchising
  • Catering
  • Retail
  • Tourism
  • Accounting
  • Civil Construction
  • Hospitality
  • Audiology
  • And many more...

You can see a more complete list at the bottom of the Membership page.

1) Simply book a 15 minute Zoom call with Leigh by clicking this link.

Once you and Leigh have established that there is value for you in joining the Club, you will have the opportunity to decide together which Membership level is appropriate for you.

2) You will then meet Leigh face to face, either in person or via video conference.

We suggest that you bring your life, romantic and/or business partner to this meeting to have their questions answered directly, assisting them to develop confidence in the benefits of Membership for you and for them, and ensuring they support your new journey.

3) Once you've met face to face with Leigh, have had the bulk of your questions answered, and are ready to join us, as a measure of due diligence we will then send your first and last name, your business or company name, and website address to the Members, giving them an opportunity to approve your Membership.

The Members will be asked two questions:

A) Is _(Person or Company)_ a direct competitor?

B) Have you had any immoral dealings with _(Person or Company)_?

As a Member you will have this process protecting you in the future too, ensuring that you don't find yourself face to face at an event (online or in-person) with someone who did the wrong thing by you, or a direct competitor.

Members are given 48 hours to get back to us and based on the expected answers, we will then approve your Membership and on-board you. Quite often we receive messages back from Members saying things like: "I look forward to meeting ________".

We encourage you to book a time and speak directly with Leigh about your individual circumstances and what you're hoping to achieve.

Simply click this link and book a time which suits you, and Leigh will call you at your chosen time. Alternatively you can call our office on 1300 654 199 and we can connect you with Leigh.

Your initial Membership Agreement is for 12 months, however many Members have been with us for between 5 and 10 years.

We like to over deliver in value, ensuring that your life and business continue to change and improve in unexpected ways.

With your feedback and recommendations, we will continue to build a Club that you love and will want to remain a Member of for many years.

Investment starts from $10k for a quarter as an Associate, where you can sample the Club. Aside from the many priceless benefits our Members regularly speak of, it is our intention and experience that you will receive at least 10 times what you invest with us financially.

That's part of why many Members have been with us and working with Leigh between 5 and 10 years.

We encourage to book a time and speak directly with Leigh, about your individual circumstances and what you're hoping to achieve. This way you can decide together if there is strong value for you and which Membership level will be best to support your desired outcomes.

Simply click this link and book a time which suits you, and Leigh will call you at your chosen time. Alternatively you can call our office on 1300 654 199 and we can connect you with Leigh.

Absolutely. We have a 100% Money Back Guarantee

Firstly, just by hanging out with us and learning some simple strategies, we guarantee you’ll love and appreciate more of your life and business.

Financially, it’s our intention that you receive or make at least 10 times your investment with us every year, not to mention the many other priceless benefits Members receive.

We’re so confident that your Membership will result in increased profits, more time freedom and a love for your life which you didn’t know existed, that if you don’t generate at least double your annual Membership investment in the first twelve months we’ll give you 100% of your money back. Conditions apply.

Yes. While there are many personal benefits of Membership, this is a business club for business owners.

Members enjoy connection, education and inspiration through our regular online Zoom Sessions, and come together in person, all over the south pacific, for our highly regarded Long Weekend Special Events and 7-Day Retreats.

The Long Weekend Special Events we've hosted so far have been held in Byron Bay, Port Douglas, Melbourne, Perth, Wanaka NZ, Coolendel (Sydney South Coast), Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns, Tamborine, Blue Mountains and Nelson Bay.

Our 7-Day 'Disconnect to Reconnect' Retreats have been held in beautiful Bali, Airlie Beach and Queenstown NZ.

Our next Special Event is just around the corner. Will you be joining us? Contact us to discuss or share your interest.

34 business owners and entrepreneurs from across Australia and New Zealand.

We have recently created a new way for many more leaders to access the exceptional benefits of being a Member.

We intentionally limit the numbers to ensure that we maintain the effectiveness of the Mastermind or 'Brains Trust'.

It depends on your definition of success.

He lives on the water in the sparkling Gold Coast, Australia, works 30 hours a week, surfs, enjoys yoga twice a week, holidays 8 weeks a year, has balance, freedom, fun and fulfilment, and spends quality time with the people he loves. And he's a coach and business mentor to some of the country’s most successful business owners and CEO’s, assisting them to find similar freedom in their lives.

He's uniquely (in the coaching world) made, lost, raised and invested tens of millions of dollars in business over the last 27+ years, has studied and applied many modalities, lead 1000's of coaching sessions, and trained and assisted hundreds of business leaders across Australia and New Zealand.

Yes, there are Members of the Club who are more financially successful than Leigh. So, why would they entrust Leigh in coaching or supporting them in finding more freedom, fun and fulfilment?

A great example is Tiger Woods (or almost any pro sports person). He is super successful at golf. What is his coaches name? Was his coach a great golfer? You may not know any of his coaches names as they weren't as higher profile golfers as Tiger. However, they are obviously amazing coaches.

Leigh has made and lost tens of millions of dollars and has learnt lots of lessons around gaining and maintaining deep personal fulfilment and business success, that he imparts in a uniquely amazing way which gets fantastic results.

Valuable aspects of his support and guidance are how he utilises his centred, objective approach, developed coaching skills and rich business experience to bring out the best in people.

The main reasons are exposure of blind spots, and strategic accountability, supporting improved performance and balance.

We've all got blind spots. Have you ever walked into someone's business and spotted things that you would do differently or better? That's because you can see things that they can't. It's always harder for them to see things that are limiting their progress in their own life or business. It's easier for someone external to be objective and see these things, especially if they've been trained as a coach.

Some leaders share that they have a group of successful friends that they've been meeting with who assist them with progressing their lives and businesses. We know from experience and studies that these leaders are not progressing as rapidly as their counterparts or competitors who have a professional coach or coaches. Why not?

Aside from the fact that their friends have not been trained as coaches (and even if they have), your friends are not willing to break rapport with you, by mentioning the aspects that they believe you could improve, to assist you in getting a better result. They are your friends because you maintain rapport with each other.

Coaching is particularly beneficial when you’re being challenged to change, which is always, when you are ambitious and committed to creating an impact. During more challenging and changing times, Coaching is even more beneficial.

As creatures of habit, change is our least favourite undertaking, so we engage coaches to notice what we’re not noticing and assist us with the creative changes necessary to realise our goals.

Right now, is a unique opportunity to create amazing breakthroughs in the way you do business. You can break down, or break through. It’s an easy choice.

Elite sports people and teams wouldn't dream of competing without a coach. Why would ambitious business owners and entrepreneurs be any different?

For the above mentioned reasons Leigh gets coached fortnightly by a professional coach. Hear Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt's advice re Coaching (42 second video)

"Nobody needs Coaching. Everybody benefits from Coaching" - Leigh Eggins

Immediately, upon implementing the agreed strategies. You can expect a financial ROI within 90 days, depending on your level of engagement.

Absolutely. We recognise and appreciate the value of both business and romantic partners sharing in the journey of Members. As such, partners are invited to all in-person events.

You can book a time and speak directly with Leigh about your partners involvement. Alternatively you can call our office on 1300 654 199 and we can connect you with Leigh.

Yes. It's a little known fact that we now have two groups within Million Dollar Business Club. They are M+ and ITM or 'In The Makings'.

Over the years we've had many ambitious business owners and entrepreneurs approach us with interest in joining. Given the agreed philosophy that we become the average of the people we spend or invest most of our time with, many are attracted to joining us for this reason, as they would like to improve their average.

Some of the ambitious leaders who've approached us turn over less than $1M, even though we shared that we are for businesses turning over millions.

Necessity is the mother of all invention, and so we created a group for these people aptly named 'In The Making'. Over time we've had a number of graduates, moving to the M+ group.

If you're turning over a minimum of $250k and are bound for the $1M mark and beyond, you can book a time to chat with Leigh here.

Alternatively you can call our office on 1300 654 199 and we can connect you with Leigh.

It's not. We do currently have more men as Members, however we'd love to see more women join us so they too can reap the benefits.

If you're a woman reading this and you like what we're about, we encourage you to apply to join us as a Member, as we value all perspectives that support us all in more purposeful, balanced lives and businesses.

Simply click this link and book a time which suits you, and Leigh will call you at your chosen time. Alternatively you can call our office on 1300 654 199 and we can connect you with Leigh.

We have a number of women joining us in our interactions (online and in-person), as the life, romantic and/or business partners of many of the male Members.

If you're wondering if we have rich, egotistical men who love to talk about themselves and their success, seemingly without consideration for, or interest in, you; the answer is no. We don't attract those types, and if we did, they wouldn't be offered Membership.

The youngest Member is 28 and the oldest is 68. Many of the Members are aged between 35 and 55.

We are primarily focused in two areas, Personal Development and Business Development.

Personal Development: The very latest research into neuroscience and peak performance. Leigh has had an avid interest and passion for personal development from an early age, and has since studied many modalities and benefited from the strategies which support peak performance.

Business Development: Studies of the most successful companies in the world and the future of business. As a Business Leadership and Success Coach, Leigh has studied, applied, and coached many company owners in the strategies used by exponential organisations.

In short, it's based on well researched strategies which get results.

For a few important reasons:

We become the average of the people we spend most of our time with.

To create an environment that supports successful entrepreneurs in living the lives they actually love.

In response to a need for successful business leaders, who have quite often outgrown their less ambitious friends (most of whom can't afford to share in the same level of experiences or adventures), to have a group of like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs to network and share their ideas with, and to adventure and share experiences with.

It can be lonely at the top. Most networking breakfasts and the like are made up of lower revenue business leaders, and don't provide the higher revenue network, inspiration, or the adventure aspects that we offer.

Members have shared that although some of them do know successful, high revenue leaders, they get significantly more benefit from the conversations with Members, the success coaching (business and life coaching) they receive, and the opportunities that they discover within the Club.

Through Business Leadership and Success Coaching, Leigh determined that business leaders and entrepreneurs are attempting to create the level of success they observe in world-changing Visionaries, whilst maintaining dated beliefs which inhibit their recognition and uptake of powerful tools, techniques and technologies, resulting in them working longer hours, causing them frustration in their businesses, and challenges in maintaining connected relationships at home.

From these awareness's he decided to dedicate his life to assisting successful business leaders to access new levels of personal fulfilment and business success. Supporting them to embrace and utilise the powerful tools, techniques and technologies which generate significantly increased fulfilment and motivation, improved business success, the development of more connected relationships, and new levels of time freedom.

If you become a Member, you’ll quickly learn that you really can have more freedom, more fun, more impact AND more money - all at the same time.

Craig Rispin

"Leigh Eggins runs one of the best entrepreneurial business owners groups in the world: M Business Club.

I have had the pleasure of being involved as a speaker for one of his in-person events and several online sessions. M Business Club has an energy unlike any other group that I have spoken to anywhere in the world.

The Members are outstanding individuals, many of them with incredible unsung success and love serving one another. Leigh has transformed the Member's lives through his coaching - I know, they tell me so!

If you're looking to have more time, while being even more successful - you owe it to yourself to find out more."