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Event Guest - Terms and Conditions

This Unincorporated Association “M Business Club”, operating as a Private Membership Association (hereinafter Club), requires all Guests to agree and adhere to these Terms & Conditions as well as the Bylaws of the Club.

This agreement sets out the terms and conditions as well as the responsibilities for an Event attendance relationship between the Guest (Guest) and Leigh Eggins (Facilitator) of M Business Club, and is for a term three to seven days depending on the Event they are attending (Term).
The Guest hereby agrees:

1. Providing Event attendance fees are paid and up to date, Event attendance includes Guest and Children under eighteen (18) years of age attendance of the following in-person Event:

1.1 One – Long Weekend Special Event


1.2 One – CONNECT Annual Retreat

Includes accommodation and meals (does not include flights).

2. Children (Adult children too) are invited and encouraged to attend our Family Friendly Long Weekend Special Events which are usually held in November. Other Long Weekend Special Events and the CONNECT Annual Retreats are for leaders and partners only.

3. Guest will also gain access to the Club and its resources including the Member Portal and Vault.

4. The Guest acknowledges and accepts that the Guest is responsible for their own actions including the actions of their children who are under eighteen (18) years of age, and hereby hold harmless all actions of the Facilitator and the Club and any of its staff and employees, officers or affiliates or agents from liability for any of the Guests or children’s actions at any time prior to, during and after any of the Events referred to in this agreement, and any coaching provided under this agreement, including any liability for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential (including damages from loss of business, lost profits, litigation or the like) and any other damages arising out of or relating to this agreement.

5. The Guest hereby waives, holds harmless, and forever discharges from any liability, damages or claims of damages for personal injury, including accidental death, as well as claims of property damage against the Facilitator and the Club, and any of its staff and employees, officers, affiliates or agents. The Guest agrees to act and behave in a peaceful manner and avoid acting in any vexatious manner and to observe the Natural Law of “do no harm”.

6. The Guest releases the Facilitator and the Club and any of its employees, volunteers, officers or affiliates and agents from all liability in the event of lost, stolen, damaged personal property. The Guest acknowledges and accepts that the Facilitator and/or the Club is not responsible for any lost luggage, delayed flights, missed transportation, and any other such occurrences and the Guest hereby acknowledges that the Facilitator and the Club are released from any claim and/or liability arising from or resulting from any airline service problems.

7. The Guest acknowledges and accepts that the Facilitator and/or the Club (as the case may be) reserve the right to cancel any Event, at any time. In the event of such cancelation, the Facilitator and/or the Club will not be held responsible for any travel arrangements, airfares purchased or loss claimed by the Guest. It is solely the responsibility of the Guest to confirm and verify Event dates before purchasing flights or making travel arrangements. It is the responsibility of the Guest to purchase sufficient and appropriate travel insurance to cover trip changes, lost or stolen baggage, emergency medical and airlift and any such other insurance cover as required by the Guest.

8. The Guest and their children must ensure that they are in possession of a valid passport to travel to any Event destinations as arranged by the Club. The Guest’s and children’s passports must have at least 6 months remaining before its expiration date to be valid. The Guest acknowledges and accepts that it is the Guest’s responsibility to ensure and comply with all Australian and overseas travel requirements and regulations. The Guest releases the Facilitator and the Club from all claims arising from any failure by the Guest or their children to comply with this condition.

9. The Club understands unavoidable situations occur resulting in the Guest being unable to attend an in-person Event or Retreat that they have confirmed or accepted. If the Guest cancels their attendance, or their children’s attendance within thirty (30) days of the start of the Event or Retreat, that they have confirmed or accepted, cancellation will result in forfeiture and the Guest or associated Member will be required to pay for their confirmed attendance due to the Club being financially committed to the event suppliers.

10. The Facilitator agrees to spend appropriate amount of time in preparation for meetings with the Guest.

11. The Guest acknowledges and accepts that the results of any coaching will depend on the Guest’s ability to take action and to follow the agreed strategies to the best of the Guest’s abilities, to communicate clearly with the Facilitator, and to take responsibility for the results achieved and that the Guest understands that the Facilitator is acting as facilitator only. The Guest accepts that the Guest is solely responsibility for making the processes work and takes responsibility for the Guests performance and outcomes achieved.

12. The Guest agrees to share with the Facilitator all issues which the Guest needs or would like assistance with. The Guest acknowledges and accepts that any issues not shared with the Facilitator may not be resolved or may impede the successful achievement of the Guests goals and objectives. The Facilitator agrees to use such reasonable efforts to assist the Guest to resolve the issues identified and shared with the Facilitator. The Facilitator and the Guest agree and accept that all discussions and disclosure made by either party will be confidential and the parties are bound by confidentiality obligations under this agreement.

13. The Guest agrees and accepts, as part of the objectives to be achieved under this agreement, the Facilitator may assign tasks to be done in between coaching sessions, and that the Guest will exercise the Guest’s best effort to fulfil such tasks. The Guest acknowledges that if the assigned tasks are not performed by the Guest, the outcome of the coaching cannot be determined.

14. The Guest acknowledges and accepts that the Facilitator is not providing psychological or medical advice under this agreement or otherwise and that the coaching provided by the Facilitator is not a replacement for sound professional treatment from a licensed health care provider. The Facilitator is not a licensed medical doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, Master’s in Family Therapy (MFT), or a Master’s in Social Work (MSW).

The coaching services provided to the Guest are not licensed in this state, nor are they regulated by any governmental body. The Facilitator will always provide only those services in which he has been trained, and if the Facilitator determines (in the Facilitators discretion) that the Facilitator cannot assist the Guest under this agreement, the Facilitator will refer the Guest to an appropriate professional who can assist the Guest.

15. The Guest has unlimited email and text support for the term of this agreement. The Guest may email or text the Facilitator at any time and the Facilitator promises to respond within a reasonable time frame, and in any event within 72 hours of receipt of the email or text.

16. The Facilitator may introduce the Guest to third parties for the purpose of enhancing intended outcomes, however the Guest must undertake and perform Guest’s own research and due diligence prior to engaging any such third party. The Facilitator and the Club do not take responsibility for any losses or liabilities incurred by the Guest, and the Guest unconditionally releases the Facilitator and the Club from any claim arising therefrom.

17. During the Term (and any holding over) of this agreement, the Guest may have been provided and/or given access to such information and/or intellectual property owned by the Club or the Facilitator. It is an essential term of this agreement that such information and intellectual property are confidential and remain the property of the Club or the Facilitator (as the case may be) and the Guest warrants that such information and intellectual property are confidential and will not be disclosed or shared with anyone without the written consent of the Club or the Facilitator.

18. Payment of agreed Guest Event attendance fees are required within 7 days of the invoice provided by the Club for attendance to any Event.

19. All bank fees from Guest Event attendance fee transactions, including any dishonour fees, are to be paid by the Guest, or Member they are attending with.

20. If the Guest or Member delays payment of Event attendance fees for any reason the Club has the right to charge interest, calculated monthly on the Event attendance fee balance owing at the first of the month.

21. The Club endeavours to provide accurate pricing information to its Guests with regard to any services covered in this agreement. To the extent legally permitted, it gives no warranty about and accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of that information, or for any error or omission in any original promotional materials offered to Guests.  The prices provided are subject to change from time to time and the Club reserves the right to make such changes at its discretion provided that the Club discloses any price changes to the Guest or associated Member.

22. At any time after the Term, the Event attendance fee may increase to reflect inflation and or increased products and services offered by the Club. The Club agrees to consult the Guest or associated Member regarding any changes in fees prior to effecting such changes.

23. Unless otherwise decided and agreed in writing by the parties, this agreement and its clauses are deemed to apply after the initial Term.

24. This agreement may be terminated by the Guest by written notice period of not less than 30 days prior to the Event they intended to attend. If the Guest chooses to terminate prior to the completion of the Term, all Event offers and inclusions are considered fulfilled without negotiation.

25. The Facilitator or Club reserves the right to suspend, terminate or cancel this agreement immediately by written notice if it is deemed that the Guest is not complying with the terms or conditions of this agreement, or are causing a disruption to the peace of the Club, Members, Associates or fellow Guests, and all offers and inclusions are considered fulfilled without negotiation.

26. The Guest accepts that it is an essential term of this agreement that the Club will not refund any monies for incomplete Event attendance or Term due to termination and the Guest accepts that the effect of this clause is reasonable and this is a genuine pre-estimate of the Club’s administrative costs as a result of such termination.

27. Procedures for internal disputes are to be dealt in accordance with our bylaws agreed through a social compact by the Founding Members jointly with the Assembly Members in resolving any issue arising. The Association has also adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights UDHR, and every Association Guest must agree to act and behave in a peaceful manner and agree to the bylaws before joining the Association or Assembly and also observe International Law, natural law, come in peace and “do no harm”.

28. The Facilitator and the Club understand the importance of privacy and they are committed to helping to protect your privacy and the privacy of any information you provide.

All information is held privately on our servers and will not be shared with any other external organisation and the Club will always take reasonable precautions to keep your personal information secure. Access to your personal information is permitted among employees and volunteers only on a need to know basis. If the personal information that we have about you is no longer needed, we will take reasonable steps to destroy the personal information.

All of our employees and volunteers are trained in the importance of protecting your personal information and in the methods by which we do so. Our staff are bound by confidentiality agreements to keep your personal information secure.

We have adopted relevant checks and balances in place to ensure that your personal information is protected against misuse or loss and from unauthorised access or modification or disclosure.

Should the situation arise, we will comply with all reasonable directions from the Guest in respect of dealing with their confidential or personal information including returning or destroying the information. The Guest upon request can receive access to their personal information at any time.

29. The Club reserves the right to amend or update the Terms, Conditions, Bylaws or Articles and will notify the Guest where necessary.

The following definition applies to these Terms & Conditions:

(a) Member Portal: Includes access to -

a. The Events page sharing all planned in-person and online Events.

b. Our ever-expanding Vault which has shortcuts to key strategies and is full of handpicked, relevant resources, categorised under -

i. Personal
ii. Business
iii. Physical/Health
iv. Financial
v. Relational
vi. Children
vii. Spiritual

c. The Member Directory is where you will find the contact details of the Club, Master, Elder and Lifetime Elder Members, including their industry and websites.

d. The Flow page which has key resources which are fundamental to supporting Members in realising deeper fulfilment and authentic success.