Leigh Eggins A Personal Invitation..

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Leigh Eggins.

From one business leader to another, I understand how difficult it can be to enjoy success in all areas of life simultaneously. I have personally experienced ‘having it all’.. only to find that I still felt empty and like I was holding the weight of the world, with the many responsibilities that this 'success' brought.

I made fortunes.. and then lost them multiple times in my life, before I accepted the invitation that I was given to make a change. This particular moment came, having lost the multi-millions I made in my early thirties, and all of the houses, cars, toys etc that came with it. I was riding a push-bike home from the office in the rain, when something inside me snapped and I yelled, swearing at the sky, with the realisation that I was far from fulfilled.

That was the moment that I accepted the invitation to journey outside of what I thought I knew, to find a route to the life I truly wanted. Yes the money, I also wanted time-freedom, personal fulfillment and purpose, more connected relationships at home, to be the driver of my life; living life on my terms in all areas.

And so I entered an intense period of learning and discovery, investigating new thoughts and ideas. I engaged a great coach and invested all the time, energy and money required to develop the skills I needed to carve out the future that I truly wanted.

It was during this period that I discovered the fundamental tools, techniques and self-awareness that I had been lacking, and without which it is very difficult to move beyond the ‘success ceiling’ that we all reach at some point.

Fast forward to nearly 10 years ago, when I started a Business Leadership and Success Coaching Company, working with renowned entrepreneurs (BRW Fastest 100) and other accomplished multi-million dollar revenue business clients who had reached their own choice-points. Leaders facing similar challenges to those I had experienced such as working longer hours, frustration at the pace of progress in their businesses, lacking deep personal fulfillment, and for some, struggling to maintain connected relationships at home.

I also discovered that 'lonely at the top' is a very real experience for most ambitious business leaders, with many of them knowing lots of people, however not having the deeper, facilitated discussions around the challenges and opportunities within their businesses, let alone their lives.

We achieved a lot working together individually in improving their businesses and lives, however momentum really increased when we brought them all together. It became very apparent that the combined power of the group and my facilitation was much greater, as they shared understanding, resources, insider knowledge from their varied industries, unique skills, winning and losing experience, and valuable contacts, to assist each other in achieving their dreams and beyond.

This was the beginning of what is now M Business Club.

Club Members are successful business owners and entrepreneurs, just like you, who are committed to creating extraordinary businesses, and the kind of life that makes their heart sing. As well as gaining access to cutting-edge tools, techniques and technology, Members receive laser-focused coaching and tailored support, as I am committed to ensuring that they achieve what they are here for, and much more.

M Business Club represents your opportunity to dream bigger, and to have the comradery and support essential to achieve those dreams.. A personal invitation to invest in yourself, be extraordinary, and create a life you love.

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"My Game is Helping Leaders Improve Theirs" - Leigh Eggins