Is collaborating with like-minded business leaders, accelerating the growth of your business, improving your work/life balance, or feeling more fulfilled important to you?

M Business Club is a community of high revenue business leaders who accelerate the realisation of their business and individual goals through making valuable connections, collaboration and receiving success coaching. Our success coaching programs ensure that you focus, feel and perform your best.

It all started in 2015 when Leigh Eggins, Founder, had been business coaching many high revenue and renowned leaders in reaching their true potential, and decided that they would benefit from meeting each other and sharing their combined wisdom. Like lots of great ideas, he didn't imagine the M Business Club we know and enjoy today.

M Business Club is for business leaders who know that there is more to life than they’ve been experiencing. A place where they can gain and share the knowledge and skills required to access a higher quality experience of life and business. Where you are recognised as an ambitious business owner or entrepreneur with similar challenges, aspirations and drive.

You have the opportunity to benefit from collaboration with ambitious, like-minded leaders, and the coaching which will ensure you focus, feel and perform your best. Combined, this will accelerate the growth of your business, reduce time invested, improve your general well-being, elevate your happiness, and your relationships with your staff and at home will go to another level.

Have you been looking for the key to increased success while maintaining and improving your balance and happiness?

You will share in up to two in-person Long Weekend Special Event weekends and one 7-Day 'Disconnect to Reconnect' Retreat a year, where you will learn from and be advised by exceptional international level strategic speakers, engage in next level mastermind sessions with people who get your world, and participate in extraordinary activities and adventures with your new found friends.

You will also be invited to connect twice monthly through our online Zoom meetings to share and receive valuable insights and contacts, and to receive inspiration and education via our group sessions designed to support your growth and success.

The Club is underpinned by five main pillars of success:

• Connection

Being a business owner often means spending long days with employees, clients and other people who can suck you into “small mind” thinking.

To live an inspired life - you need connection with like-minded, abundant people who dream and live as large as you do. People who can take your ideas, jam with them, and help you multiply them into rainmakers.

You know the type of people who light you up… just by being in the same room?

It’s time to start filling your life with those people. Strong, long lasting relationships and genuine comradery are created in M Business Club.

“Every mind needs friendly contact with other minds, for food of expansion and growth” Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

• Inspiration

When you’re the top dog in any business, it’s easy to fall into the 'CEO blues'...

Work grinds away at you… motivation slips… and before long you’re in a rut you can’t see the forest for the trees.

Imagine having a whole cohort of high-achieving entrepreneurs injecting fresh perspectives and excitement into your business...

Imagine travelling, adventuring and sharing your journey with these abundant people...

And imagine having Australia’s best business strategists and specialists (marketers, finance professionals, coaches, leadership experts…) giving you cutting edge strategies to apply to your business and personal life.

This is true inspiration, where you will unlock clarity and confidence. And it will mean you never struggle for motivation or enthusiasm again.

• Adventure

Speaking of long days in the office… how can you create bold visions when you’re trapped in a cage all day?

Adventure shakes you out of your routine, keeps you on your toes and keeps you churning out creative, expansive ideas.

You’re a high revenue business owner… You’re in rarefied air…. why not experience things that most people never even dream of experiencing?

And no – you don’t need to feel guilty - most of our Members experience more business breakthroughs flying a helicopter...abseiling a cliff face… or cruising in a super yacht… than they ever will in the boardroom.

• Fun

Why so serious? All work and no play is not what we call fun.

M Business Club is all about rediscovering what having fun means to you in your work and personal life. It may sound trivial, however often this experience can be the missing piece for many successful business leaders.

One of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, Richard Branson, said, “If you’re spending most of your life at work, it should not be a chore, and it should be fun.”

We couldn’t agree more!

We believe that:

  • Humans are inherently social beings and therefore need to experience fun and enjoyment on a regular basis to feel fulfilled
  • Smart entrepreneurs and business leaders place value on having fun and setting time aside for recreational activities
  • There is a distinct competitive advantage in merging work and play. Club Members experience this first hand at our signature events and retreats

• Results

M Business Club is a hotbed for business and personal breakthroughs.

  • Deborah prepared her business for sale and improved the sales multiple by 25% - adding $5 million to the sale price. (She now lives in Whistler Canada enjoying her lifelong passion for skiing)
  • A Member set up an offshore call centre to handle all international enquiries and cut costs by over $1,000,000 per annum, which supported his intentions to work less and have more time to spend with his beloved family
  • A Member has improved his family lifestyle and grown his revenue by 5% every month since joining… for the past 5 months (monthly revenues are now up by over $650,000)
  • In just 3-months: A Member doubled his sign-writing company's revenue… bought a new car… renovated his kitchen… and launched a side business focused on his passion for art
  • In just 4-months: Dean cut 25 hours from his work week while still growing his company well ahead of targets… he now gets to spend an extra 25 hours surfing, spending time with his family and pursuing his acting career
  • A Member was about to wind down his mildly successful business to focus on a new venture… instead, with the help of the Club, appointed a GM… increased revenue by over 600%... and freed himself to launch a second, passion-based company

M Business Club puts you at the centre of a group of high revenue business owners and entrepreneurs – where you’ll adventure, get exclusive access to business “gurus”, generate fortune-building opportunities…. have fun and learn to live more in flow.

Why we do what we do

We’ve established that:

  • We become the average of the people we spend most of our time with
  • When stress decreases, intelligence increases
  • We are biologically addicted to anything we do or experience regularly
  • Our problems or challenges are never resolved at the same level of thinking or consciousness as that which created them
  • A flow State or 'good luck' momentum can be consciously created

Our Mission

We are a Community of Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, and their Partners, Growing Together, Significantly Improving the Businesses we Build and Grow, the Products and Services we Develop and Distribute, and Quality of Life on Our Planet.

Our Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee - Firstly, just by hanging out with us and learning some simple strategies, we guarantee you’ll love and appreciate more of your life and business.

Financially, it’s our intention that you receive or make at least 10 times your investment with us every year, not to mention the many other priceless benefits Members receive.

We’re so confident that your Membership will result in increased profits, more time freedom and a love for your life which you didn’t know existed, that if you don’t generate at least double your annual Membership investment in the first twelve months we’ll give you 100% of your money back. Conditions apply.


“If you truly find the greatness in every moment, you will truly live a life of greatness" - Leigh Eggins


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